Fast Forward:

The Plan to Modernize New York City Transit



What’s new

Bronx bus redesign

Over the next year, we’re taking a holistic, blank-slate approach and looking at Bronx bus service from a fresh perspective.

Customer satisfaction survey

We’re launching a quarterly customer satisfaction survey. Let us know about your experiences with New York City Transit and become eligible for free rides.

Blog: Making Transit forgettable

President Andy Byford talks about how his real goal is to make sure you never have to think about getting around New York.

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A Letter From the President

 Photo of New York City Transit Authority President Andy Byford speaking at a podium

"What is needed isn’t mere tinkering, a few tweaks here and there. What must happen is sustained investment on a massive scale if we are to deliver New Yorkers the service they deserve and the transit system this city and state need."


Executive Summary

Here's what we can accomplish over the first five years: upgraded CBTC signal systems on 5 new lines, more than 50 new accessible stations, state of good repair work at more than 150 stations, redesigned bus routes across the 5 boroughs and more.


What we plan to do

 A photo of a subway train pulling into an above-ground station.

We will deliver on four equal priorities by grounding everything we do in our foundations of Agility & Accountability, Safety, Security & Resiliency, and Customer Service & Communication.

We propose doing in 10 years what was previously scheduled to take more than 40, including major progress in the first 5 years. This means lines that are currently capacity-constrained will be able to carry more people, more smoothly, and reliably.


How we'll get it done