Accountability: Group Station Managers

Two weeks ago, we proudly introduced our new station management team with a mandate to transform all aspects of our subway station service.

The subway has been divided into twenty two groups, each headed by a Group Station Manager whose picture and contact details will be posted at their respective stations.

Their mission is to work with our excellent front line teams to deliver friendly, informative service in clean, well maintained surroundings.

This is a job I know well - it’s one I used to do during my earlier career at London Underground and it’s one that I absolutely loved, especially when I had the honor of running King’s Cross, the busiest station on the famous “tube”.

It gave me huge satisfaction to motivate my team to do a great job and to listen to both them and my customers to deliver improved customer service.  

The beauty of the role was that you were accountable for everything so you could quickly effect change; the curse of the role was that, err, you were accountable for everything!

We have chosen a great team of men and women that is fired up and ready to deliver. They know that in me, they have a boss that will support them, but that will demand high standards and early success as it’s an early test of our new customer-led approach.

You can see who the manager is for your station here.

Joshua Gee