Engage & Empower Employees

More than 4,200 employees, including our union partners,  contributed ideas and provided input into this Plan, and their message was clear: to transform our transit system, we must transform our organization and our culture. We will remove bureaucratic hurdles that hold our employees back, bolster training programs, empower employees, and provide career paths so that great people can flourish. World-class service is only possible when we support, develop, and engage our people.

More employee recognition

  • New programs for more visible employee recognition by end of 2018.

Modernized organization

  • Fewer levels, new department structures, and redefined roles in 2019.

Better communication 

  • "Meet the Executive, Meet the Employee" sessions with front-line employees in 2018.

Refreshed approach to discipline

  • Significant first steps in 2018.

More efficient onboarding

  • Redesigned processes by end of 2018.

Get the right people in the right jobs with the right mandate

Why? Because our skills, roles, and structure must match our needs, and we have too many great people hampered by an outdated organizational structure.

  • Create a new position of SVP, People and Business Transformation who, in addition to driving change management, will be accountable for the entire employee lifecycle, including recruiting, onboarding, training, promotions, and succession.
  • Reorganize Human Resources to better support our employees and meet our organization’s needs.

  • Streamline the organizational hierarchy, redefine roles, update responsibilities, and create clear points of accountability.

  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to recruit, hire, and onboard employees, including executing a new Memorandum of Understanding with the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services.

  • Work to remove disincentives to internal promotion.

  • Improve recruiting and retention of high-quality candidates, especially for positions requiring specialized skills.
  • Strengthen apprenticeship and fellowship programs and pursue expanded partnerships with schools, including targeted recruitment for certain specialized functions.

Show employees we value them

Why? Because our people deserve respect, dignity, and praise for the great work they do every day.

  • Take a strong stand against employee assaults by collaborating with the NYC Police Department and district attorneys and advocating for stronger enforcement of assault charges.
  • Improve and continually maintain employee facilities, including bathrooms and crew rooms, to ensure a decent working environment. The Fast Forward Plan will address more than 80 facilities in the first 5 years and more than double the pace of investment in employee facilities in 10 years.
  • Implement a comprehensive recognition strategy that overtly acknowledges employees' great work.
  • Engage non-represented employees to review vacation accrual, parental leave, and other policies.

Embrace diversity and inclusion at every level

Why? Because NYCT should be as diverse as the city we serve.

  • Strive for increased diversity throughout the organization.
  • Foster a culture of inclusion with diversity training for all employees. Establish employee resource groups to help inform agency policies.
  • Increase facilities for women and all gender identities, including ensuring clean bathrooms and increasing the number of lactation rooms for nursing mothers.

Make it easy to do the right thing

Why? Because every employee’s first thought should be, “Am I doing the right thing for our customer?” We want to ensure our managers focus on coaching and giving our employees the support they need. 

  • Refresh our approach to discipline by working in cooperation with our unions to develop policies that differentiate between well-intended actions and willful or unsafe violations.
  • Roll out an enhanced management, administrative and supervisory performance framework to support individual, group, and company-level objectives.

Create a “One Team” culture

Why? Because it’s time to break down the walls between departments and levels and work together to achieve our common goal.

  • Overhaul internal communications, including making it easier for departments to connect and share information up, down, and across the organization. We will also increase the number of screens in employee break rooms and other facilities.
  • Implement job swaps, shadowing across functions and transfers across NYCT departments so employees better understand others' roles and to aid career progression.
  • Hold “Meet the Executive, Meet the Employee” days at employee facilities so employees can interact directly with leadership.

Value and act on employee input

Why? Because our employees know how we can improve.

  • Measure and track employee engagement by launching a regularly-scheduled engagement survey and acting on its findings.
  • Redesign our employee suggestion program to gather solution-focused suggestions from all employees.

Give people reasons and ways to grow

Why? Because for too long, our incentives and lack of sufficient development opportunities have discouraged our best people from taking on greater responsibility.

  • Establish a formal agency-wide mentoring program to prepare employees for greater responsibility.
  • Revamp training and skills development, including training of hourly employees, new employees, managers, analysts, non-managers, other staff, and contractors. This includes a focus on our foundations of Agility & Accountability, Safety & Security, and Customer Service & Communication.
  • Redesign training for new managers to develop great future leaders.
  • Support and strengthen our supervisory staff, including developing training for hourly employees interested in becoming supervisors and reviewing and improving vocational and professional training for all supervisory staff.
  • Improve the transfer of knowledge and the flow of succession, including establishing knowledge transfer interviews for departing and promoted employees.