From the President


In May of 2018, we launched Fast Forward, a plan to completely modernize New York City Transit, from the inside out.

We took the plan on the road, hosting community conversations in each borough and joining as many community board meetings as we could. The overwhelming response has been positive.

Fast Forward has been called ambitious, and funding is a challenge.

To start, I directed my team to become absolutely fixated on the basics that will improve service under our current budget and within existing operating conditions — a task that they have run with and have already begun to deliver some outstanding results.

One example is the Save Safe Seconds campaign; another is the Department of Buses targeted efforts to improve service through more hands-on management and problem solving.

We know we’re not there yet. Speed and reliability are not where they should be. New signaling systems, buses, and elevators are needed, and we will get there with funding, but Fast Forward is also about examining the way we do business at every level, engaging employees in becoming the customer-driven organization that our riders demand and deserve.

We have stabilized the decline in subway reliability, galvanized a task force with our partners at NYC DOT and NYPD to speed up bus service, studied each subway station for its accessibility feasibility, improved how we communicate about planned and unplanned service changes and elevator outages, and turned a tide in our culture, reoriented around tangibly making improvements for our customers.

We have laid the ground work for Fast Forward. Now, let’s get the job done.

Andy Byford
President, New York City Transit

Andy Byford President, New York City Transit, May 2018

Andy Byford
President, New York City Transit, May 2018