Fast Action: Customer Service

June - December 2018


We have restructured to be customer-focused and customer-led and developed new ways to get the information you need when and where you need it.

Here’s how we’ve renewed our commitment to customers in 2018:

  • Reorganized parts of NYCT into a Strategy and Customer Experience Division – key to our transformation into a customer-focused organization.

  • Launched the MYmta beta app and continued to roll out new features in an iterative process, informed by customer feedback.

  • Installed PA systems at subway stations that didn’t previously have them. Before the end of 2019, audible service announcements will be available at every station. We are working on options to improve visual announcements in parallel.

  • Cut the time it takes to issue replacement MetroCards by 50%.

  • Rolled out customer information screens at 50 subway stations and will soon launch a pilot program to replace paper directories of night and weekend planned work with more targeted information.

  • Expanded real-time information in our bus network by equipping 1,000 buses with screens that announce the next stop and installing 100 next bus arrival signs at bus stops, in partnership with DOT.

  • Launched a quarterly Customer Commitment, giving our customers a checklist to hold us accountable for meeting goals that tangibly improve their experience.

  • Reduced our call center hold times by over 30%.

We’re just getting started. See what we have in store for the first few months of 2019.