Fast Action: Foundations

June - December 2018


We are transforming from top to bottom. We are motivating every employee to embrace this change, we are supporting them at every step, and we’ve formed an executive team to lead the way.

Here’s how we’ve kickstarted a sea change and engaged and empowered employees in 2018:

  • Launched a program to protect against assaults on employees and identify assailants.

  • Created efficiencies in our procurement process by drastically increasing electronic bids to 90%.

  • Increased transparency into our operations through subway, bus, paratransit and elevator/escalator status dashboards.

  • We are streamlining processes to reduce costs in delivering capital projects, including:

    • Reviewing technical specifications across the organization, from major construction projects to individual elevators, to reduce bespoke requirements that make off-the-shelf products impractical and drive up costs.

    • Refining planned work operations, allowing us to get more work done to improve subway reliability, faster. We’ve seen a 30% improvement since we started this cross-departmental effort in 2016 and are continuing to look for more efficiencies.

  • We are focusing on the employee experience beginning on the date of hire and have streamlined processes so our employees can focus on delivering results for our customers rather than jumping through bureaucratic hoops.

We’re just getting started. See what we have in store for the first few months of 2019.