Quick wins

Under Fast Forward, we’ve focused on making immediate improvements for our customers. Here’s what we’ve accomplished in the first seven months. Many of these represent the first step in a longer ongoing process.

  • Complete — Launch accountable station management with Group Station Managers

  • Complete — Complete Subway Action Plan stabilization phase 

  • Complete — Improve root cause analysis behind delays and focus efforts on most critical problems

  • Complete — Enhance station cleanliness regimen and target specific stations for deep cleaning

  • Complete — Focus on enhanced preventive maintenance of critical switches



  • Complete — Redesign the Staten Island express bus network

  • Complete — Begin the Bronx bus network redesign

  • Did not meet in 2018 —With NYC DOT, install 150 audio-capable next bus signs at bus stops. We completed 100.

  • Complete — Make targeted corridor improvements on 12 routes

  • Complete — Strategically expand off-peak service

  • Complete — Evaluate new bus designs

  • Complete — Expand traffic signal priority to three additional routes

  • Did not meet in 2018 — Provide real-time seat availability on Staten Island express buses. This will launch publicly after we complete customer testing in the field.

  • Complete — Perform bus lane enforcement blitzes with NYPD

  • Complete — Review a proof of concept for buses with backup cameras

  • Complete — Develop a quarterly service management route improvement effort


  • Did not meet in 2018 — Launch sensitivity training for all employees. This has been developed and will launch early 2019.

  • Complete — Improve elevator outage and alternative routing information

  • Complete — Hire an Accessibility Advisor

  • Complete — Launch MYAAR app

  • Complete — Launch new programs for employee recognition

  • Complete — Host "Meet the Executive, Meet the Employee" sessions

  • Complete — Improve efficiency of the onboarding process

  • Complete — Refresh approach to discipline. We’ve made significant first steps

  • Complete — Hire an SVP, People and Business Transformation

  • Did not meet in 2018 — Provide diversity training for all employees. We made this available to managers in 2018 and will expand availability in 2019


  • Complete — Report on the progress of Fast Forward biannually

  • Complete — Accept 90% of solicitations electronically

  • Complete — Improve bus, subway, and paratransit dashboards


  • Complete — Launch a 24/7 confidential employee safety reporting line

  • Complete — Increase neighborhood policing with NYPD

  • Complete — Continue robust drain cleaning and grouting


  • Complete — Launch Customer Commitment

  • Complete — Install information screens at 50 subway stations

  • Complete — Install information screens on 1,000 buses, including automated announcements

  • Complete — Launch a new website and app

  • Complete — Reduce MetroCard refund processing time by 50%

  • Complete — Reduce call center hold times by 25%

  • Complete — Improve restroom availability at five key station complexes

  • Complete — Measure customer satisfaction with quarterly surveys